My home and work are rooted in Michigan's landscapes and the little landscapes on a kitchen table between people having dinner.  Through my current paintings, I seek places where we've tied our threads of memory and home to the landscape.  Each piece is built and carved through gradual and interwoven layers which, like paint on the side of an old house or days in a life, are in themselves little histories.  Throughout my work, there are ecological and botanical interpretations of the landscapes as well as purely personal and poetic strands, each piece holds both of these aspects of understanding as companions in listening to the elemental heartbeats of places and things.  Central to all of my work is a deep regard for getting to know things by spending time with them.

a note on process-

Landscapes are carved through history, the continuous process of building up and breaking down. I paint by this same principle. Like forests growing, leaves falling and breaking down into detritus then enriching the soil for new growth; my process of layering, slicing, carving and reworking at different stages of drying with diverse materials becomes the history of a landscape which is the canvas. Responding to both the materials as well as the subject just as plants grow in response to their genetics and environment. Each pieces is a result of a long history in which both long established and newly developing relationships determine my process.